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Samsung launches mono printer with separate toner system

Date:2014-05-13  【Print】  【Close

The SL-M2675F said to be ideal for small businesses and to reduce total Cost of Ownership.


Samsung has released its first mono printer featuring a separate toner system in the Middle East, with the printer described as being designed to offer “fast, economical and high performance printing”.


The SL-M2675F features a separate imaging unit and toner cartridge, meaning that users can replace one component without the other thus reducing waste and saving money. The toner cartridges also reature enhanced capacity to achieve the best cost per page and reduce total cost of ownership by reducing the amount of materials required. It also offers Easy Printer Manager and One Touch Operation features to suit fast-paced work environments and is said to be compact in size.


Print speeds can reach up to 26 pages per minute with resolutions of 4800 ×600 dpi; and a varietly of paper types can be used, including paper, labels, cards, envelopes and overhead projector transparencies.