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New products have lanuched --- resetters, adapters and inks for Brother inkjet cartridges

Date:2014-05-13  【Print】  【Close

The first product release is a resetter for Brother’s LC-123(LC123), LC-125(LC125) and LC-127(LC127) inkjet cartridges.


The second product is a BroLuer adapter, which allows for “quick and easy filling” of range of Brother inkjet cartridges.


The adapter is designed for use with the following Brother cartridges: the LC10, LC1000, LC11, LC1100, LC1100HY, LC1220, LC1240, LC1280, LC16, LC37, LC38, LC61, LC65, LC67, LC71, LC75, LC79, LC960, LC970, LC980, LC985, LC123, LC125, and LC127.